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Make This Your New Year's Resolution!

The Proactively Me Blog is an experiential journey from self-assessment through self-improvement, ultimately leading to self-fulfillment. The Proactively Me Challenge is an ongoing series of personal challenges that are an integral part of this personal development experience. Subscribe below to begin your self-improvement journey today!

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How It Works

At the conclusion of most Proactively Me blog posts there is an accompanying Proactively Me Challenge issued. Most challenges are intended to assist us in the creation of good habits and in the development of positive personal attributes. Each challenge will aid us in the ongoing process of training our minds in a way that will promote behavioral adjustments that are favorable to us and those around us.

We are all different, so each challenge will hold differing levels of appeal and relevance for us individually. You can opt to pick and choose the challenges that are most applicable to your personal needs, or you can opt to journey through all of the challenges. Your level of participation is totally up to you. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that each challenge issued will be focused on helping us obtain (or maintain) personal satisfaction and fulfillment in varying aspects of our lives.

Here is a list of the Challenges so far:

Proactively Me Challenges

  1. Proactively Me Challenge # 1 | The Decision Challenge: Read 2-3 more Proactively Me blog posts, then decide if you want to join this self-improvement endeavor yourself.
  2. Proactively Me Challenge # 2 | The Commitment Challenge: Subscribe right now to receive text message and/or email notifications for the Proactively Me Challenge using the buttons provided below.
  3. Proactively Me Challenge # 3 | The Solution Challenge: Pinpoint one big challenge/obstacle you are currently facing in your life, contemplate your options, and then take action to implement the best solution that will allow you to effectively overcome that challenge/obstacle.
  4. Proactively Me Challenge # 4 | The Phone Down Challenge: Completely remove the presence of your mobile phone from your sight for at least two consecutive hours each day (120+ minutes), preferably when you are in the presence of individuals you care about the most (and no, sleeping hours do not count).
  5. Proactively Me Challenge # 5 | The Get Started Challenge: Think of something important that you need to complete or accomplish within the next 6 months. Proactively take the first step to get started on it within the next 3 days.
  6. Proactively Me Challenge # 6 | The Finish It Challenge: Think about something (a goal, a project, etc.) that you recently gave up on, and recommit yourself today to finish what you started. Don’t stop until you’re finished!
  7. Proactively Me Challenge # 7 | The Forgiveness Challenge: If you are currently holding a grudge against anyone, make a conscious decision to forgive them immediately, and reach out to those individuals within the next two weeks in an attempt to make amends with them.
  8. Proactively Me Challenge # 8 | The Service Challenge: Perform at least one random (unplanned) act of service for someone in need within the next two weeks. Invite others to join you if additional help is needed.
  9. Coming Soon...

If the Proactively Me blog is the vehicle we can all pile into to reach our ultimate goal of self-fulfillment through self-assessment and self-improvement, then the Proactively Me Challenge is the fuel that is going to take us there in that vehicle. There will be construction along the way, and there will certainly be bumps in the road, but the fuel of the Proactively Me Challenge will keep propelling our vehicle forward through self-improvement until we reach our desired destination. I am already in the driver’s seat of that vehicle, which is to say that I am already committed to leading and guiding the journey. But there remain an unlimited number of empty seats waiting to be filled by those who wish (or feel the need) to join me.

personal development
Achieving self-fulfillment may seem like an intimidating mountain to climb. For this reason the Proactively Me Challenge takes a gradual approach to self-improvement. Step-by-step we can ascend towards the summit of personal satisfaction in life.

For the Proactively Me Challenge to prove effective for you and me, it will require self-awareness, dedication and persistence. Perhaps most importantly, it will require us to be true to ourselves and to hold ourselves accountable. Make the important decision to join the Proactively Me Challenge today. You have the choice to subscribe to text message and/or email notifications. When you subscribe you will receive a message whenever a new Proactively Me Challenge is issued in a blog post. This will make you aware of the challenge at-hand, and it will remind you that you are not alone on this journey.

Through personal development we are all fully capable of becoming a better version of ourselves. Together we can succeed, and together (with strength in numbers) we will!  Join the Proactively Me Challenge today.

Note to Self: You can’t change the world. But if you can change yourself for the better, and if you can help uplift a few others along with you, then your journey will be a great success!


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